Mixtape By Brett Witty

A mix tape

Mix Tape is a short IF game about the breakup between our protagonist Valentine and her music-obsessed boyfriend Peter. The game is a series of short vignettes, based around several songs. I tried to weave the themes of love, music and compatibility throughout the game. The game is rather serious and dramatic - quite different from the mazes and puzzles usually associated with IF. (But note that I am far from the first person to have done this!) It's a bit of a tragic tale, but not depressing (I hope!)

I entered Mix Tape into IF Comp 2005 where it got (equal) 18th place out of 35 entries. This was a little disappointing but not surprising - I hadn't beta-tested the game nearly enough and the game was finished in a rush (due to certain time constraints in the real world). Lesson well and truly learned. At any rate, I received lots of useful feedback.

Mix Tape was a finalist for the 2005 XYZZY awards' Best Writing category.


IF Comp 2005 version (Version 1.0)
To play this, this you will require the TADS 3 Interpreter.